3 common types of roof flashing for a chimney and other problem areas of your roof by Chimney sweep in orange county

3 common types of roof flashing for a chimney and other problem areas of your roof by Chimney sweep in orange county

Now you recognize that roofing system flashing goes around your chimney to stop a leak. Nonetheless, there are various types of roofing blinking that safeguard the chimney and also various other roofing areas susceptible to leaks.


  1. Action flashing

Step blinking is primarily made use of against the sides of wall surfaces and smokeshafts. It works by putting a piece of metal (blinking) under every shingle that’s set up right up against the side of a wall to obstruct the water from diminishing right into it.


That’s why the term “step” is utilized for symphonious flashing. You do it in detail by setting up a shingle, then a piece of blinking, then another tile, after that an item blinking up until the wall surface is entirely shielded and its basically work by the expert.


  1. Apron blinking

Apron blinking is utilized at the base of a wall surface or infiltration. It’s formed like an L as well as can be approximately 14 feet in length to fit the base of the infiltration.


It’s likewise made use of around dormers to stop water from getting into your windows.


  1. Counter blinking.

Counter flashing is made use of on walls and smokeshafts like step blinking. Unlike action flashing, the piece of blinking is sawed right into an existing mortar joint, and also the metal comes over the top of the brick.


Like step flashing, counter blinking is sometimes installed in a detailed method. However if you can actually see the blinking, it’s counter blinking.

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